Episode 03: New Concept, and Homework….


Welcome back! Today we are going to explore your posterior, distal lower extension mechanism.
Yes, your calves. But before you watch the video, we need to cover a few concepts.
1) If you have pain in a joint like say, your knee. A good place to start mobilizing is right above and below the knee. Say what? Yes, your calf actually crosses your ankle AND your knee. And as such it can cause knee dysfunction. Knee Pain? Start with your calves for example.
Tight calves:
1) Can cause knee pain
2) Limit your movement options in the bottom of movements like the split jerkand the squat.
3) Aren’t sexy
4) Can be one of the causes of a heel cord rupture.
5) Really make running POSE, feel not cool. And running should feel cool.
Test: Butt to ankle squat
Mobilize it-don’t criticize it: 4 min each foot. Time it. Don’t eyeball. We are making performance cakes here.
Re-Test: Is your knee pain better? Try your squat again.

1) Anatomy Lesson for Tomorrow: Find out where your PSOAS(s) is/are.
Go to wikipedia. We are going to stop winging it people. You are like a fine swiss watch. You need to know that thing that’s you, is actually called the bezel. And, it’s time you began to know where your business originates and inserts. There will be a quiz.
2) My doctoral work was on adherence. I know you will make an excuse about not having 3 lacrosse balls and some jump stretch bands in a 7 days time. So don’t be that guy.
Go to Rogue and get a medium jump stretch band or two. Like Han Solo: You’re gonna need it.
See you tomorrow, you matted down warriors.


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