Episdoe 23: Runner’s Legs


Hey Crew,

Today’s treat is about seeking out the “business” of your tight front wheeled drive system/anterior chain (quads etc).
It never fails that after running some repeats with Jstar up our local “Aromas Hill”, I begin the feel the creep in my legs that “real” runners feel. I of course run, I’m not a “runner”. That would be like saying I’m an eater, or a “wall baller”, or a glute ham raiser… Silly. So here you go: You have to deal with a sliding surface/muscle&Tissue quality problem, a hip capsule mob, a pancaking of the hip flexor wod (sliding surface), and finally a good old fashioned muscle tissue bias hip extension mob.

This smorgasbord of pain is choose your own adventure. You have to hit all four. But, if one doesn’t do it for you? Move on.
Don’t waste your time on business that isn’t THE BUSINESS.

Test: Overhead squat/walking lunge/ any knee forward biased movement.
Mob: Collect 10 minutes messing around with the Ugly Four.
Re-test: Try butt-kicking yourself. How about kneeling butt to ankle? Pose running drillls? Squat?

Our goal is to start to see the relationships between the movements and tissues we are mobilizing and the functional movements we use to train.


Homework: What structures are under the roof of your scapula? The acromion process covers what? What is scaption?
How is it related to the anatomy of the shoulder?

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