Episode 19: Making the Fran Metcon: Hips and Thoracic Prep


Greetings Mobile Beasts,

Keep the PR’s coming. We received an email today from an athlete that PR’d on his CF Total by 85 lbs. That, is free money.
Today we are shifting course to talk specifically about a workout. Yes, I’m talking Fran.
It’s helpful when planning pre-mobility work to think globally about the upcoming demands of the planned movements. If you get in the habit of thinking in this way, then all you have to do is add in a couple more movement specific mobility pieces to your already good warm up ritual to systematically improve your badassosity.
If you’ve trained with us, you know that we eschew doing the same warm-up/movement prep everyday. Instead, we pull from a big palate of prep movements and throw in a couple of workout specific pieces on top.
Some questions have come up about when in the heck do you do the MWod. The answer is Yes.
In this case, I’d say do this MWod before Fran and in addition to your standard CF warm up piece. Think of the Test/Retest paradigm today as about the entire workout.
You’ve also been following the MWod Blog for a couple of weeks. Time to skin that pony and see what’s what.
Test: Your old Fran time
MWod: Spend 6-8 minutes messing around with both of the movements after getting warmed up. Remember to really prime that metabolic pump. Don’t be that guy that gets knocked down by the first wave of lactic acid.
Re-test: Fran Time, and Quality of your movement.
Remember: Crossfit “Slop” in shorting a range of motion to go faster. It’s not hitting full extension, or locking out overhead for example. It is not crappy positioning.


ps. Rob Orlando and crew are coming to town this weekend. Stay tuned….

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