Episode 53: Muscle Up and Wall Ball Prep


Hey MWoders,

Keep up the good work.
A special shout out to our athlete at Steve’s Club that was able to hold the hollow position (without rocking) for 3 minutes. Half way there!
As a reminder, hands can’t be touching, toes pointed, ankles togehter, and butt has to come off the ground during the rock.

Tonight we are going to hit up a bit of shoulder internal rotation to help optimize the impending muscles ups.

Test: Ring dip/muscle up
Mwod: Bully stretch 2 min each side
Sink stretch 1-2 min each side
Overhead thoracic stretch (not rolling) 2 min
Feet ungluing with some kind of torture device 2 min
Retest: Foot point and muscle up? Better?

Homework: What are your scalenes? Do they run over anything important? Where do they refer pain? What is Cloward’s sign?


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