Episode 61: IT Band Hell, And Help…


Hey Mwod-dib’s,

Today is a short story about the dreaded “syndrome”. No, not that one. That one eats the brain is tertiary in nature. (bonus points for spirochet humor…).

No, I’m talking about the syndrome that buries people and ends running dreams. Yes. It’s the IT-Band.

Before you read further, some homework. Wiki IT-Band and get orientated.

Now, whether or not you have some distal knee pain in the area where the IT-Band inserts at your knee, today’s MWod will be good for you.

There are no recipes. You have to use your brain, buy the offended tissues some slack, and mobilize what you find.
And be cool, deal with your business. Make sure your running is excellent, and that you stay ahead of this monster.
One of my best friends ended his dream of Navy Sealdom because of this evil-ness.


Ps. Jami Tikkanen just sent me a video of an elbow fix. Tomorrow!

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