Episode 100: Quads or Spine? Quads!

    11/30/2010 | 0 Comments

      Hey MWod Kids,

      First, let me say congrats on making it to a hundred Mwods. Besides being, like, 1000+ minutes of mobilizing, you should be very proud to be part of the official world record for most consecutive mobilizing videos on the internet. Yeah! San Dimas High School Football Rules! (Google Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…)
      Seriously. You’ve come this far. You’ve officially become “that stretching guy” at PT school or work. (Coach Roop of SFCF, true story) Now we can take the gloves off and start solving some problems that may require a little higher order mobility zen/integration/thinking.
      So: Today’s Mwod is about prepping the Anterior Chain Tissues (Quads/Front Wheel Drive Bits) to get ready for any kind of looming Quad destruction. In this case, we are talking about any high volume movement (trail running) where an upright torso has to be chosen over a more body forward-leaning backs-quatty (hamstring/posterior chain) type position. The trunk is always going to fail first. Your body knows this and will triage accordingly. So, prep for the inevitable. Hammer those quad puppies. See if you can’t get a good 10 minutes on the worst form of self mutilation you can muster.


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