Episode 77: Plantar Fasciitis

    11/07/2010 | 16 Comments

      Hey Flexible Peeps,

      Today’s MWod is a about some simple methods to deal with the dread foot pain, plantar fasciitis.

      Thanks to all the athletes and coaches that joined us at the Mobility Cert at Crossfit Fire today.


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16 thoughts on “Episode 77: Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Cathy Hackworth

    I can’t run or jump rope at all because of the pain from pf. But, should I stop doing any workouts that put ANY pressure on my pf foot until healed (lifting, burpees, pushups, lunges, even rowing)? I’ve been doing these things with minor pain, but I’m afraid I’m preventing healing. Or is it better, along with the techniques you’ve described, to keep working the muscles?

    1. Colin Morris

      I’ve been dealing with PF since ~May 2013. For ~ 60 days I swore off anything that required direct impact to the foot (running, box jumps, Jump rope). Sub’d rowing for most of those and still got a good workout. All other strength/WODs were ok to do. I’m back to the point where I can do the running workouts again with lots of pre/post foot stretching. Finally, dumped the minimals I was using (big cause in my mind) and went back to a cushioned shoes w/orthotics. So far, so good with this change. Still not ready to do box jumps/jump rope.
      Good Luck!


  2. Justin W Thompson


    Do you have any updates for plantar fasciitis? I have a feeling that you do not recommend the ice bucket nowadays.

  3. Michael

    I just tried using a golf ball and a wooden grooved roller for the bottom of the foot stuff you recommended along with the other stretches and cannot believe how much better it felt immediately. Will keep trying this over a few weeks to see if I can get complete remission. Thanks!

  4. james

    Hi Kelly,

    Firstly, thank you for this video. Been scourged with this for months… comes and goes.
    Great to have your authoratitive treatment insights, as they’re not really intutive but do confer goodness.

    Finally, could you update/respond to the first question here Cathy asked?
    Specifically, during recovery, what kinds of exercise are on/off the menu?


    ~ James

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  6. Aunt Sam

    Very helpful indeed! I am 10 mos post-op after years of pain and all the therapies available. I still stretch numerous times a day, as my calf muscles remain very short and tight, no matter what. it is all connected! I do my calf stretches against my kitchen cabinet kickplates and my calf-raises and lower-ers on my steps.

    But I also hang my heels off a step and lean forward, supported on my hands a few steps up, to get a marvelous stretch along my hams and calves. Really press into it but s-l-o-w-l-y. Then I bend slightly at the knees and hold those stretches, then s-l-o-w-l-y inch my way to the left and right in bitty bitty segments for a 3-5 minute stretching session that wraps around my calves like a big, warm hug. My plantar fascia thanks me!

  7. lynda townes

    i had been doing the icing….stretching…rolling frozen water bottle under my foot….and stopped running for weeks….walking hurt just as much. finally went to podiatrist…gave me orthotics…told me no barefoot…no flip flops…and gave me a foot brace to wear to bed (ain’t the sexiest looking thing)…and to also wear whenever possible…watching tv….sitting at computer. it keeps your foot at a 90 degree angle…or more..(pulling toes more towards shin as you get used to it). that brace is a huge help!!

  8. Rebecca Everett

    This is saving my life. Thanks BIG TIME. Kelly knows his stuff. I feel better after one workout this morning. I have been in SUCH PAIN some days, I can hardly walk. This is good stuff. Kelly is the son of a great teacher/friend we knew in Garmisch.

  9. Howard

    Hey Kelly,
    Using all of your techniques shown in this video with my clients and it makes me look like a miracle worker. I have the same question however are you still using ice?

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  12. Kimberly

    Jumping rope actually helps to heal plantar fasciitis if you do it right. I have an article on my blog explaining this. Also if you would like more information on how to cure it completely and be pain free check out the blog. I had pf 3 years ago and cured mine within 2 weeks. it really works, so if your suffering it is definitely worth it to have a look.


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