Episode 85: Unglue Your Sticks Man


Hey Mobilities!

Welcome back to the Monday Mwod.
Today we are focusing primarily on doing some ungluing of the dreaded “birds”. Your bird legs, sticks, gams….
We see a ton of matted down lower leg tissues around the shop and I’ve been hearing about a rash of torn calves from my CF running brothers and sisters. So today, get that fuzz out.
Think movement instead of standard, static trigger point mashing. Remember, it’s the movements and end range positions of movement that should guide how you treat yourself.


Ps. Sorry about the heinousness you will no doubt suffer today

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3 thoughts on “Episode 85: Unglue Your Sticks Man

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  2. Jason Chapman says:

    Quad Dipsie – ha, that was on when me an my family decided to take a walk around Muir Woods, tough cookies. Made us want to go for a run.

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