Episode 135: Badass American Cyclist Mobility–Levi Style

    01/04/2011 | 16 Comments

      Hey Supple Badnesses,

      Today we’ve got a very special guest at the Mobility Garage. Three words: Tour de France. Yes, this is THAT Levi Leipheimer.
      Oh by the way, not only is he the reigning Tour de California Champion, a podium finish Badass at the Tour de France, an Olympic medalist, but his box squat is LEGIT. (It’s almost like he’s one of the best athletes on the Planet…)

      But pay attention: Levi knows where he’s giving away power, and he works harder than his opponents or YOU at dealing with it.
      Are you as Legit as Levi? Take a good look in the mirror and make a better decision. There is always more power to be had.


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16 thoughts on “Episode 135: Badass American Cyclist Mobility–Levi Style

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