Episode 142: Tight IT Band and Hip Flexor Fix: Runners?


Hey Mwodies,

Today we are going to hammer on your leg’s anterior chain.
Mobilizing your leg into internal rotation first will bias those tissues affecting your capacity to extend your hip into a strong position the most.

Set a timer and work on each leg for about 5-6 minutes.
When you stand up, enjoy your suppleness. Then try and run 400 meters.


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8 thoughts on “Episode 142: Tight IT Band and Hip Flexor Fix: Runners?

  1. Steve Reed says:

    Hey Kelly

    Thanks for this. I have pain/discomfort in almost the exact same place on the hip/tfl area. Also some early signs of osteophytes on the top anterior surface of the capsule.

    When I stand in front of the mirror, the left TFL area seems bigger, more developed than the right, and tighter too. I’m using a hockey ball, foam roller, as well as some of your band distraction techniques to help, and it is helping.

    My issue is whether this hip area pain is muscle, joint pain, or BOTH. I also have a lack of ROM when putting the hip into flexion, been like it all my life, but I am determined, at 45 years old, to overcome this.

    Thanks for all you’ve done so far, long may it continue. Hows about a trip to the UK??


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