Episode 216: Games Workout #3 Prep, Upper Body

    04/07/2011 | 8 Comments

      Hey MWod Kiddies,

      First of all, I promise to reason out for you the “no flip-flop/slippas” rule this weekend.

      Now, let’s make a stretchy time. This episode is a little routine you might employ to improve your front-rack to over-headedness. That’s right, we are talking improving your jerk positioning. And for those of you that aren’t lifting heavy today, well the same mobilization would improve your swimming positioning as well.

      Mission: Grab 2-3 minutes per mob/per arm. I guarantee you will have a much better relationship with your totem animal the next time you find yourself thinking about the pain cave.


    • Bodypart / Joint
    • Muscle / Tissue
    • Sports

8 thoughts on “Episode 216: Games Workout #3 Prep, Upper Body

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