Episode 219: Athletes Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

    04/10/2011 | 17 Comments

      Hey MWod Beasts,

      Ok. Let’s get into it. Self respecting Athletes don’t wear flip-flops. I know where you live it’s ‘Hot’. I know you like to look ‘cute’. But you are destroying your feet mechanics and setting up serious problem for your heel cords and calf. Best defense, no be there. You know I’m right. Take the flip-flop/slipper challenge. See if you can walk/run in your flips without clinching your big toe.

      It is my life’s mission to get you guys to stop destroying your feet and ankles. Think about the worst thing you could do to your heel cords and feet, now think a little worse. That’s what flip flops are.


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17 thoughts on “Episode 219: Athletes Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

  1. Michael Lewis

    How do you not have any replies!!!! You speak truth! Nicely explained and great detail. I cannot stand seeing athletes wearing flip flops, or sandals with socks to practice or going and coming from a competition. Mainly because it looks so damn lazy, but also because I know the damage that they are doing to their bodies and risking optimal performance!

  2. kate

    Soooo true. After moving to hot climate for school I realized about two months in that everything hurt. Traded my flip flops for a bit of support and less than a day later I felt amazing! Not worth the pain at all.

  3. Ken Wilkens

    GREAT video Kelly! My PT has been preaching this message for YEARS! You will get lectured if you wear flip flops to PT. I think mine are going in the garbage – even though they are standard fare in Arizona.

    So, what are your thoughts on TEVA type sandals (that strap across the forefoot and around the back of the heel)?

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  5. Michael Park

    Great stuff, Kelly!

    Q: Can Vibram FiveFingers (aka “toe shoes”) cause the same issues due to clenching the toes?

    I used to run in them until they stank so bad I tossed them. I never had these issues, but I know some other people that have killer shin splints, calf spasms, and other issues. I wonder if this is related. Thoughts?

  6. Ivonne

    Wow this is such an eye opener!

    I live in South Florida so flip flops are very much a part of life for me. I wear them around the house ALL THE TIME. Never knew that all the issues I’m having with my left ankle, calf, knee and hip could be related to it.

    My husband watches your videos religiously and has put me on a very strict regimen of ankle mobility and it’s been helping a lot. I still have a long way to go though, because I can’t run more than 400 m without excruciating pain or do double unders without the same result. Any suggestions?

  7. RD Evans

    What kind of Inov-8s do you have? What would be best for a combination of lifting and stuff like hill sprints? Thanks!

  8. Gary Banford

    Now living in Australia from Scotland. I’d never worn flip flops until I got here two years ago. I have now had an Arthroscopy for OA in my left ankle and 3 x UV guided Cortisone injections in same ankle and most recently CT guided Cortisone in my Sac / IL joint.

    I have worn flip flops to all of my appointments and not once has anyone mentioned it. They have quite literally gone in the bin this minute!

    My rehab starts again right now, thank you

  9. Ellen

    8 years ago I had extensive surgery on my left foot. The large toe joint had been messed up years earlier by an over-enthusiastic bunion repair that left me with “monkey toe” and this surgery was partially designed to repair that repair. The joint was fused so I have limited mobility in that area now. My sister had purchased a fancy pair of flip-flops for me to show off my “new foot” and I wore them to yoga one night. I noticed walking in that I was having difficulty, as I could not clench my left big toe to keep the damn shoe on. Leaving, I ended up soaked as it had started raining and no way could I attempt to run in those things. So anyone who says they don’t clench their big toes while wearing them is not being truthful. I now wear Merrell or Propet “barefoot” shoes in warm weather and don’t miss flip flops at all. Very informative video.

  10. Johl

    Just thinking out loud here but would prolonged use of flip flops/slippers/thongs/jandals (whatever you would like to call them) cause hallux valgus?

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  12. Lewis

    Very interesting! What are your thoughts on the Huarache style of sandals worn and run in by the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico (as featured in the book Born to Run)?

  13. Tomas Becklin

    Always struggled with flip-flops. Didn’t grow up with them back in Sweden, but adopted the SoCal lifestyle as soon as I got to LA.

    Now I know why… Good thing I stopped wearing them.


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