Episode 263: Improving the Bottom Position of Your Squat, Loaded Happy Baby


Hey Supple Legion,

Today’s mission is to work on those posterior tissues loaded in the the bottom of the squat. We start with the “happy baby” test where we can examine the free position of the hips when the back is stabilized by the ground. Try it, but don’t be creepy. Then grab 2-3 minutes per mob/per side and then test/retest with your squat AND happy baby. Notice anything? Yes, you can enhance your suppleness.

Remember, we are always working on mobility as it relates to performance. To separate the two, is to make the Type I error to which we have fallen victim for years. We use mobility only as a tool to improve positioning. Position. Is. Power.

We don’t put ideas on the MWod that we haven’t tested on ourselves and our athletes. These mobilizations are the tools we are using to make the best athletes on the planet even better. How do we know if a mobilization is worth holding onto? Simple, the athlete is in a better position and can express more power. We need to try and understand why we choose to move the way we move. Are we making the best decisions possible for our own body and anthropometry? Do you have movement choices and options? Can you consciously decide how you solve a movement problem? Or are you forced into moving the only way your body will let you. This is why we test/retest. If it doesn’t work for you, try and figure out what does.

Interestingly, here is a video from a recent training session at Super Training Gym up in Sacramento. Mark and crew are working on getting better hip extension and a more solid low back by tinkering with their foot positioning. This is his crew working through some heavy box squats. Check out the voice over. Mark films nearly every session with his crew, and seeing this kind of daily training is a sick resource. www.supertraininggym.com

Also, here is a link sent to us from by some of our lifting friends about the hip torque discussion. Check this out to see what strong kids are saying about where they put their feet.


Move with purpose. And, make a better decision.


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