Episode 272: TJ Murphy Edition and Hamstring Stiffness

    06/18/2011 | 5 Comments

      Hey Mwodies,

      Special treat on today’s episode, yes that’s THE TJ Murphy. If you’ve ever read about running or tri-athaloning, then chances are you’ve read a TJ Murphy piece of literature. He’s like the crazy grandfather of the tribe that is the repository for all of the culture’s history, lore, and secretes. Oh, and he’s a freaking good runner and can deadlift a small family of leopards.

      So, it is with great pleasure that we are torturing him in today’s mission, with a full posterior attack on his hamstring tissue stiffness. Grab a band, set the clock to “I’m gonna actually change something if I do it long enough,”, and get to flossing those tissues open. See if you can grab a super friend to help you with the hip distraction. Sorry about your poor glued down, grilled cheesed hammies. It’s time for them to change.

      Test/retest: Sitting, running, deadlift set up


    • Muscle / Tissue
    • Sports

5 thoughts on “Episode 272: TJ Murphy Edition and Hamstring Stiffness

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