Episode 273: Lateral Elbow Pain/”Tennis Elbow”, “Kimura Elbow”

    06/21/2011 | 3 Comments

      Hey Mob-Stern,

      Today’s mission to crack that stubborn athletic induced, lateral elbow pain. Jumpstretch.com has the correct compression band, but you should take a crack at it with what you have on hand. Remember, if you’ve injured a tissue, you’ve got to treat that tissue AND solve the mechanical problem that caused that tissue to load poorly in the first place.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 273: Lateral Elbow Pain/”Tennis Elbow”, “Kimura Elbow”

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  3. Rhonda Hart

    Just wanted to thank you for the video
    “Lateral Elbow Pain/”Tennis Elbow”, “Kimura Elbow””

    I tweaked my elbow doing monkey bar work, and wasn’t improving with rest. Thought I’d see what you had on this issue (should’ve looked sooner) I’ll try your treatment approach.

    REALLY appreciate your detail in your videos!
    Thanks, Rhonda


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