Let’s Get Real About About Summertime Hydration | Episode 277

Summertime Hydration Strategies - How much water should you drink?

Hey Well Watered Leopards,

Today I got an email from an overseas leopard in a dusty environment and had a phone call from a friend telling me about the pitting edema she witnessed in an athlete mobilizing with a band. And well, it made me realize that we needed to have a frank talk about getting a little more serious about our own personal hydration biology.

Check out crossfitendurance.com for more ideas about water/salts. In the meantime, start tracking your water. You can’t change what you don’t measure. See if you can’t make your tissues feel less stiff this week by upping/monitoring your water/electrolyte intake.

Oh and 5 min a cheek with the pain ball. Soft tissues mobs all week AND water. Post experiences to comments.


Here's  a great video discussing hydration strategies with Stacy Simms

Click here for information about m|wod Pro.

In This Video: Summertime hydration - How much water should you drink? How should you supplement your electrolytes?

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