Episode 293: Haiku Winner, Travel Ideas, And Your Feet


Hey Mob-kinders,

First, thank you for the nearly 150 Haiku submissions. Obsessed athletes writing poetry about stretching? Happens all the time… Seriously. You all are brilliant and twisted. It was brutal to choose a single winner, so I’ve chosen four!

Sean Emery:
No M-WOD’s complete
without a glimpse of the Bear
The Star family rocks!
From Mel!
Your toes – pointed out
Hey bro, I think you dropped your
Navicular bone
Rob D:
No plan? The honey
badger is coming for you –
deal with your business
Chris S:
A gun to my head
Foam roll to the thighs or die
I take the bullet
Congrats! You all have won a 9 hour mobility beat down!
Today’s Mission:
Collect a solid 10 minutes working on your feet. Try that mid-foot mob and see if it doesn’t clean up your foot position in the squat or change the way your feet feel when you run. Your feet should be like the leopard’s paw…


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4 thoughts on “Episode 293: Haiku Winner, Travel Ideas, And Your Feet

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