Episode 296: Long Car Drive Recovery, Do This First Thing


Hey Mwoders,

We are back from the games where I was blown away, not just by the super-human athletic freakiness, but by the mind boggling improvement in the quality, and the depth of complexity in the movements of the competing athletes. My new personal goal is to be half as fit as the any of the competing teens in the CF Games Teen comp, or 1/3 as strong as any of the women competing in the Masters division. Seriously.

Today’s mission is a quick MobRx for ungluing yourself after a long car ride. The tendency after getting in late (1:30 am) is to crash straight away. Trust me though, a quick 5-10 minute Post Car-Mob will undo the car wretchedness. Try it and see how your car is trying to kill you.


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8 thoughts on “Episode 296: Long Car Drive Recovery, Do This First Thing

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