Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips | Episode 301


Hey Mobies,

Today’s mission is all about reinforcing the idea that you NEED full range of motion in ALL of your joints. Period. Tight hips? You are going to pay an upstream toll. Here’s to better hip compression and easier psoasibility.

Here's a great hip opener Daily RX we did recently with Silent Mikke.


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9 thoughts on “Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips | Episode 301

  1. chris h says:

    what should be the frequency of this and would you see similar results with some of your distance runners too? I am intrigued by this especially with some of the issues and some of the SI type issues you discussed. Should this flossing be something that is daily? Thanks.

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  9. markus says:

    fantastic stuff.

    In doing this, I found the following a useful release for the psoas…
    – feet up same as Kelly’s
    – completely relax
    – instead of ball and kettlebell, use your fingertips to kind of dig in from the side of the stomach to find the psoas (dig carefully though)
    – very slightly raise one leg (just a few cm’s) and whilst doing this dig around with your fingers on the same side as your raise leg
    – find the tensioned psoas
    – massage it
    -lower foot and feel the psoas relax

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