Episode 305: Solving Problems With The Tunnel: The Foot Strike

    08/20/2011 | 7 Comments

      Hey Mobileros,

      Today’s mission is an exercise in solving a running mechanics problem by using the “tunnel” ™ concept. The tunnel concept is simple; the position in which you enter the tunnel (organized, etc) dictates how you will exit the tunnel. Once you are under load, in the air, under tension, etc, it is nearly impossible to change your positioning. Try getting your low elbows up in a heavy front squat. Or, try unrounding your back in a heavy deadlift. Or, try getting your knee out in the bottom of a heavy squat. The Tunnel is a little easier to understand in movement that have distinct and discreet start and finish positions. However, in a repetitive motion like running, if we are going to fix the foot strike for example, we have to make sure the athlete is leaving the tunnel (extension and internal rotation at toe off) in a good position, else the athlete enter the tunnel (next foot strike) in a poor position.

      Mission: Mobilize your hip in extension and internal rotation for 4 min per side. Test/Retest: Running stride

      Here’s to entering the tunnel well.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 305: Solving Problems With The Tunnel: The Foot Strike

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