Episode 318: Knee Pain On Stairs or Hills


Hey Supple Ones,

Today’s mission is to shine a little light on a movement we take for granted, going up and down stairs. It turns out that the same poor mechanics that cause jumper’s knee or push press knee are similar to the kinds of shear inducing forces inolved with running hills or walking stairs.

Mission: If someone cleans up their mechanics, what tissues would you mobilize first? How would you check that they were normal? How would you test and retest? What other movement erros would you see in their other movements. Post MobRx Day 1 to comments.


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5 thoughts on “Episode 318: Knee Pain On Stairs or Hills

  1. Dan Coleman says:

    I have some knee pain walking down stairs. I’m working on improving my hip strength/mobility and this is helping but I am still not able to hold a stable single leg front squat position to get to down to the next step.

    So in the meantime, I find that focusing on plantar flexion at the ankle allows me to reach the next step without lowering myself as far. Basically I actively try to get the ball of my foot on to the next step as early as I can.

    Another thing that I’ve noticed is that walking downstairs quickly is less painful than going slowly. It seems that my ankles can absorb the loading of landing more easily than my knees can handle lowering my weight in extension.

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  3. Cumhur SARLI says:

    I attended Kelly’s seminar in September 2013. After the seminar I was thinking by myself and I started climbing the stairs like that since then. He even did not tell this in the seminar. Awesome post.
    Every crossfitter should go to this seminar. Awesome job, Kelly.
    I also started rowing with the same principle which saved my knees.

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