Episode 319: Protect Those Heel Cords Man!


Hey Leopard Legs,

Today’s episode is dedicated to your heel cords. They do you credit, but they could be made to serve the emperor… Your heel chords are freakishly resilient and brutally strong. So how in the hell do they fail you ask? It’s the usual. You know, the trifecta of death. 1) Over-tension 2) Open circuit faulting (load in a poor position) 3) They were already pissed off, they were sullen, and in a fight with you, and swollen.

Grab the barbell. Make a deal that you are going to stick your hand in the stump to prove your worthiness and fearlessness (Flash Gordon WAS the best movie, ever. Next to star wars and Dune naturally…) And set the clock today for as much time as you’ve got. Do this Mob AFTER you train. You are going to start a little fire in those heel cords. Don’t be afraid if you are a little sore (you can always ice bath for 5 min!).

After you black out, crawl out of the pain cave and mobilize the other side.


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