Episode 337: Long Ruck Feet Or Ultra Marathon Feet?


Hey Leopards!

Today’s mission is dedicated to those tactical and ultra athletes that sometimes have to go on their feet for freakishly extended periods. I know most of you kids are already thinking about swelling, heel cords, etc. But sometimes, we just need to simplify. There are four layers of musculature in the foot alone, and this doesn’t account for connective tissues or sliding surfaces. We often get foot fall heavy athletes complaining of specific areas of their feet that go numb. Of course this be a larger neural-dymnamic issue (see nerve flossing/gliding), but often it’s a simple, local meat tunnel dysfunction. Solution? Spend some significant quality time opening up the tunnels in your feet for those hard working little digital nerves.

Mission: Collect 5-10 minutes a foot on the edge of your favorite foamy rolling device.

Test/Restest: Does your ankle flexibility change as well? Test your entire posterior chain. Hamstring region too?

Bonus question: In athletes with stiff heel cords and heel cord dysfunction. Would you expect to see stiff/rigid, un-leopard like feet as well?


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One thought on “Episode 337: Long Ruck Feet Or Ultra Marathon Feet?

  1. Shelagh Germyn says:

    Watched the heel cord video and the video on ultra running, foam roll for the edge of the foot….awesome…this info couldn’t of come at a better time…An ultra marathoner myself, have never had the injury Ive got now…it’s not plantar faciitis…its not on the bottom of my foot anywhere its on the back of my heel(below my Achilles cord..its tight above the back of the heel..its where you put the shoe horn…that’s it.

    When I walk around doesn’t hurt, it only pulls when I run…and not in all my shoes….more stretches will help…thanks so much


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