Episode 341: Runner’s Shoulders


Hey MWodies,

Today’s mission is about resolving one of the uglier aspects of running…yes, I’m talking about crappy shoulder positioning. Look, your shoulders and thoracic/cervical spine create a mutually stabilizing system. If you tilt your rib cage in a crazy way, you won’t be able to stabilize your shoulders effectively. (Think rib cage down while pressing overhead for example.) Well, the reverse is also true. If you are unable to organize the the shoulder into effective external rotation whilst running because you are missing internal rotation at the shoulder, then you will tend to see some kind of compensatory (crappy) positioning at the neck at t-spine. Crazy dooshiness at the shoulder (delta-bravo shoulder) weirdly always coexists with forward head on neck. Who cares that your shoulders are freaking out every time you ‘heel strike’…. In order to to have a neutral and effective spinal running position, you’ve also got to go down stream and fix those crappy shoulders. One of my running icon friends (TJ Murphy of Competitor) just sent me a photo of a brilliant marathoner in the middle of a race he had snapped. Her head was 3 inches in front of her center of gravity and her shoulders were so internally rotated you couldn’t see her tank top straps. Not only is she going to have to deal with the tissue compromises, (tight pecs, tight levator….) but she’s also giving away a ton of power. A ton. Oh, and it didn’t look good either (BTW).

Mission: Take a look at your shoulder positioning in running. Have someone film you or watch you. Can you stay stable. What is your head doing?

MobRx: 2-3 min each drill

Test/Retest: How did your running feel? Better, same, worse?

B-Mac did really teach me to run like the cape buffalo I am. Supple cape buffalo leopard? www.crossfitendurance.com


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