Episode 350: Tack And Floss: Heel Cord Edition

    12/08/2011 | 11 Comments

      Hey Performance Freeks,

      Today’s episode is an example of how to wrap your heel cord for some hot tack and floss action (TFFA, BTW.) In our gym we are continue to notice that we are having better outcomes when we keep the compression wrap width to no more that four inches wide. We suspect we loose some of the tackability. The more we play with this concept, the more we love it. Two minutes is magical.

      Floss yourself from heel cord slavery.


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11 thoughts on “Episode 350: Tack And Floss: Heel Cord Edition

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  9. Florian Marty

    i am owning two bands as they are shipped in pairs. is it recommended to floss both sides at a time or sequentially?

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