Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx | Mobility Project Episode 363

Open your tight hips

Hey Supplenesses,

Today’s mission is a reminder to keep it simple.  I often see athletes struggling to achieve a good bottom position in the squat.  (This is Mob2 position for you M&M coaches out there.)  During the warm up, even though these athletes are struggling for a solid straight back during peak compression, they actually spend very little quality time in the the actual position in which they are struggling.  Performing some warm up sets is great, but if you bottom position sucks and you are spending exactly .023 seconds in that position during the turn around, no wonder it really doesn’t end up getting that much better with big loads on the bar.  The bottom is tricky. It’s the position where you are weakest mechanically, potentially affected by your horrible hip and ankle ROM, and a position of transition (you are changing directions here after all.)  What to do?  Mobilize the position of restriction.  You’ll catch all of the components, fascia, joint capsule, muscle stiffness.  All you have to do it reflect a good position.  Think about your last squat session for example.  Now, think about how much time you actually spent working on the most difficult positing in that squat.  Hmmm.  Oh, couldn’t keep generating torque at the bottom by keeping your knees out and your chest came forward?  Hmmm.

Keep it simple.  Here is a little hip opening sequence that cures gristle-itis. Be sure to test-retest each side so you can see how ridiculously  tight you actually are.  Good gawd man, if you were a leopard, you’d starve.

2-3 minutes a side

Here's a Daily RX video with more hip opening techniques. (Must be an m|wod Pro member)


In this video: Mobilize your hips before you squat 

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