Burpee Smoked Elbows? Epicondylitis-ness? Voodoo it.


Hey MWodies,

It occurs to me that there are a great many of you out there dealing with sore elbows of late.  Let me re-introduce to you the voodoo floss.

Compression tack and flossing works on a ton of different levels.  We hypothesize that we are creating a flexion gapping force at the joint, large circumferential tissue shearing, tissue (insertion) re-perfusion, and muscle stiffness to name a few.  The bottom line is that it works.  Search tack and floss in the search field and make your own out of a bike inner tube until you can get one from Rogue.

Floss on. Floss on.


PS.  The pocket powerlifter, Jesse,  is the Voodoo Floss High Priestess.  He has taken our “fun” concept and made it way, way, worser.  It should be every woman’s dream (and man frankly) to have some bit wrapped by the man himself.

5 thoughts on “Burpee Smoked Elbows? Epicondylitis-ness? Voodoo it.

  1. Michael Hurley says:

    I keep getting medial epi after TFCC repair ( had a hole in middle and Triquetral has NO cartilage) stretching will cause discomfort in wrist before I feel a stretch in forearm. A PRP shot has helped but I feel it creeping back and PT has been maxed out. This shit is getting old

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  5. Mark Goings says:

    My inside Elbow is sore to the touch. Play a lot of Golf.
    Very sore? Need help
    Can’t do curls or pull ups .

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