Foot Position Test: Breaking Diane


Hey Mwodies,

Today’s episode is to evaluate your ability to create an external rotation torsion force (stability, good mechanics, safe joint positioning) in the bottom of your squat (full compression).  Many of us have to turn our feet out a bunch in order to get to full depth.  While this is clearly functional, it’s not optimal.  If you are having to spin your feet much past 15 degrees, chances are you are compensating for poor motor control, missing internal hip rotation, a tight anterior chain (quads, etc.), and stiff ankles.  The further out your feet go, the less effective your hip rotators are at resisting the valgus forces created by the body (read: knees in).  Somewhere between 5-12 degrees is sort of a magic area where you can still get to depth and create freakish amounts of torque.

Give this test a try and see for yourself.


Ps. Diane ain’t nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Foot Position Test: Breaking Diane

  1. Daz says:

    Hi I have purchased and read the book Becoming a Supple Leopard..ok the problem I have is that when I run (I am a runner but have only returned after 6 months off due to pain in the left hip). I performed lots of stretching in this period but on returning I feel that all my weight/effort is on my left side and the right side is not getting used as much. The left glute I am working on reactivating (as it doesn’t engage as automatic as the right on touchdown of the foot). I also am getting pain on the outside of the right foot after the run. I find the “hip external rotation with flexion – option 1” seems ok on the right side but on the left side, the right leg is almost impossible to get in line with the hips behind me and splays out.. I also sit 8 hours/day for my job which I know does not help so I have just ordered one of those kneeling chairs online as I am dire straits..Note I broke my leg (right side down near the ankle playing football about 10 years ago) and I can’t remember a really pain free or balanced run since that..
    What could possibly be wrong? I am at my wits end :-(

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