Voodoo Band Your Patella Femoral Pain


Hey Leopard Legion,

Today’s mission is the Voodoo Band fix for grody, tacked down patellar ligament (patella tendon”itis”) nastiness.  That patella ligament below your knee cap can get mighty angry should you; do a little too much jumping or squatting with an un-verticalized shin, load your knee cap first in range by moving it first during hip flexion (load order or sequencing fault),  should you just be good old fashioned over-tensioned through your quads (particularly your rectus femoris) or supra patellar pouch, or if you get a little off axial quad ligament loading during sketchy valgus squatting.

What to do?  Voodoo Band it.  How much?  2-3 minutes 4-5 x a day (you won’t go blind you know).  Get those tissue normal again.  Voodoo until you feel like it’s not making any more change for the day.

Test/Retest:  Use your knee.


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4 thoughts on “Voodoo Band Your Patella Femoral Pain

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  4. MB Crossfitter says:


    This is amazing! I switched from CrossFit to a strength program a few months ago. I made some great gains, but then started to get some mild knee discomfort. From what I’ve been able to gather from reading different resources, I think this was probably from some technique deficiencies, heavy loads, and not deadlifting enough. It’s been a couple months now and the pain hasn’t gone away in spite of stopping the squats.

    Well, I just got my voodoo floss bands today and just tried them on my knee. Poof! Pain totally gone! Absolutely amazing.

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