Jill Miller Fixes Your T-Spine and Crappy Breathing Mechanics

    06/18/2012 | 11 Comments

      Hey Mwodies,

      Today’s episode starts a trilogy where even Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces” would be making at least one of them a pain face. No seriously, it’s the classic tale of the hero (diaphragm) seeking out the master on the way to self discovery and redemption. Turns out that in this episode, the Hero is Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up. www.yogatuneup.com I’ve long been a fan of the way Jill handles her work with athletes (in her words “lite on the Yoga, heavy on the Tune Up.) If you’ve spent any time with me you know that I believe that human beings are pretty brilliant and have been attempting to solve the same set of problems for literally thousands of years (poorly perfused tissues, crappy sliding surfaces, unstable joint positioning, etc). If you understand how to correctly sequence and organize for the deadlift or snatch, well it turns out you pretty much understand movement practices like yoga or pilates. The key questions are; what are the best practices from the thinkers in the these disciplines that will add to our modern strength and conditioning ethos? (Because CLEARLY in the history of the world, NO one has ever been strong before, or run marathons before, or fought wars before, or carried heavy objects before…) I practiced a little yoga when I was in my early 20′s (I didn’t understand anything at the time). I don’t practice yoga now, and I understand a great deal more. So when I run into a master like Jill Miller who says she can make me a better athlete, I seek to understand.


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11 thoughts on “Jill Miller Fixes Your T-Spine and Crappy Breathing Mechanics

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