Triceps Smash


Hey Leopard Legion,

Today’s mission is simple, find someone amazing to smash the stiffness out of your triceps. Look, you spend a bucket load of time working your hammies, but do you spend as much time working on it’s analog at the arm, the triceps? Don’t answer that. We have addressed some triceps smashing on the barbell, but we haven’t shown it in it’s full partner smash down glory. A stiff extensor of the arm is inefficient and will cause the arm to dump torque during high load/high speed movements which can be the cause of some real shoulder dysfunction. Oh, and the athlete in this video just won the NorCal Masters Comp this weekend, and the dip portion of her muscle up looked wicked sweet.

Mission: Find a super friend and get smashing. Test one thing you think you changed, like overhead, and one thing you may not think you changed (like the push up or burpee). Stay on one arm until you 1) black out, 2) vomit 3) stop making change 4) don’t feel any more arm hate.