Don’t Swing Your Kids By the Arms, Please.

Nursemaid's Elbow | Don't Swing Your Kids by the arms.

Hey Supple Legion,

Today's episode is a public service announcement for your children's arms and shoulders.  The message is simple, if you feel the need to swing your kids around by the arms, make sure that they are holding onto you--not the other way around.   Your kid's grip strength or lack thereof is a protective feed back mechanism that keeps the tissues at the wrist, elbow, and shoulders safe.  If you circumvent this circuit breaker, you potentially risk some gnarly downstream repercussions.  Go ahead and google "nurse-maid elbow".  I'll wait.  By allowing your kids to set the level of "swingness", you'll never overload their upper-extremity.  Neat huh?  Want your kids to swim in the Olympics?  Too bad you dislocated both their shoulders when they were 3 years old (true story).

You guard your precious shoulder capacities. Why would you challenge your kids tissues in the name of cheap fun.  Besides, you can still swing your kids around by the armpits till they vomit.  The tissues of their upper limbs will thank you.


Here's a video on how to  treat your elbow pain with Voodoo Floss.

And, here is another video with Kelly and Jami Tikkanen going into more detail on Voodoo Flossing. Treat your tennis and golfer's elbow pain with this technique. (must be an m|wod pro subscriber)

In this video: Nursemaid's Elbow | Elbow Pain | Shoulder Pain


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21 thoughts on “Don’t Swing Your Kids By the Arms, Please.

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  8. en iyi yatIrIm says:

    Heya i’m for your principal moment the following. I stumbled upon this panel and I believe that it is really valuable & this solved the problem out there significantly. I hope offer anything all over again and guide other individuals such as you served everyone.

  9. Dallas says:

    I learned this when my son was 4yrs old. I gave my son a aeroplane ride wrist and ankle hold when I let him go it seemed no big deal, till my wife and I noticed that he was not using his arm. He never even made a whimper when it happened, but when we tried to assess the situation we know there was a problem, we took Jacob to hospital the doctor told us his elbow was dislocated I think he called it a green stick dislocation and this is where it got bad for me I was investigated for abuse turns out that the number 1 cause for this type of injury is parent yanking and pulling there little people to aggressively. Although it is a little to late for me, for all the potential mom and dad out there in mobilityWod country listen to this, nothing worst then having your family and friends question by police
    Thank you Dr Starrett

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  14. Suzanne Williams says:

    My shoulders were dislocated when I was 9 months old because of being swung too hard. 42 years later, my shoulders still pop in and out of joint easily and I think it’s from that early dislocation.

    Great advice, thanks for explaining the anatomical reasons why this is dangerous!

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  18. Michelle says:

    I looked up children arm dislocations because am not 52 yrs old and my shoulders hurt when I raise them above my head! It just dawned on me that as a child my shoulders dislocated ever time someone pulled my arm ! I begged people not to swing me they though I just played hard to get . My friends had no idea that I would be visiting the children’s hospital shortly after for dislocated shoulders! Believe me having a shoulder out of socket was very painful ! Now I’m putting the puzzle together why at my age why lifting my arms over my head strains pain at my shoulders! Please , think about swinging children around it could cause damage and great pain to the child’s body that can last a life time!

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