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Hydration Strategies for Athletes

Hey Legion,

Today's episode is a meaty one. San Francisco Crossfit is lucky to have a ton of access (let's be honest, it feels unfair even to us sometimes) to some of the best thinkers in the world about human performance. On this day we coerced Dr. Stacy Sims to jump on camera an talk hydration with us. Her company Osmo Nutrition , was born of her work at some of the highest levels of aerobic human performance (think Tour De France, Olympic biking, Rowing, ultra-running, etc). I first fell in love with her home grown hydration-concoctions when she was hydrating some of the best cyclists in the world with her home grown drink mix (now Osmo).

Around the shop here, we believe that performance is rarely a race of micro-gains. Rather, we see performance limitation as governed by simple processes like nutrition, sleep, stress, and hydration. Tweaking these rate limiters is easy and yields massive gains. How many coaches out there are having very technical conversations about athletic performance with athletes that haven't had breakfast, are under rested (no, I'm special, I only need 5 hours of sleep...), or stressed out? All of us have.

Better function with better hydration is easy. How about this, actually absorb the water you are drinking.


In this video: Kelly and Stacy Simms discuss strategies for hydrating athletes.

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51 thoughts on “Current Concepts and Thinking in Hydrating Athletes w/ Dr. Stacy Simms | Community MWod Video

  1. Bert Hendrickx says:

    Just a thought, but maybe you should look into doing interviews like these when it’s more quiet at the box… I’ve noticed it before in other videos and sometimes the background noise makes it really hard to understand exactly what you are talking about. Thanks.

    • Kenneth Elliott says:

      Personally, I wish Kelly would move to a quieter spot, plus, I wish he was better at offering a more succinct synopsis of the day’s topic at some point during the videos in order to make sure of clarity of subject matter (actually, I thought he did an above normal job of that today, so maybe he’s consciously working on it). BUT . . . the flip side of it all is, thank the universe and stars that Kelly does these video chats and demos because they are incredible. What he is offering up to humanity at large through his Mobility WOD sessions is nothing short of essential . . . vital. He is providing salvation! So, however he feels he should present it, I’m eternally grateful he is presenting it. I wish I could work for this guy! He has one of the best jobs in the universe, in my opinion, and he does an exceptional job of executing it. All Hail the Supple Leopard!!

    • Ashe Higgs says:

      he just needs to start using a lavalier (wireless mic.) They’re fairly inexpensive on Amazon.

      • Al Vardy says:

        Was going to post the same comments as everyone else. Not only did i have to strain really hard to try and pick up the words as this is one of the most important topics for me, but also, my wife listening to me listening to the interview is completely annoyed. She might have found the interview interesting but from her location, all she hears is the banging of the weights and then she’s pissed that I’m subjecting her silence to this noise. Not cool.

    • Terry Curley says:

      Steve – • Osmo Active has been developed with an optimized ratio of ingredients to maximize the rate of fluid absorption into the body to stave off dehydration and thereby improve performance. It is not intended as a fuel.

      • Kenneth Elliott says:

        I am not yet familiar with the Osmo product, but what I took away from the video is that it is much lower in sugar than standard sports drinks, which means it’s much less in the calories aspect of liquid intake . . . supposedly. I have no reason to believe otherwise, I just haven’t checked it out myself yet.

  2. Ryan tyler says:

    Like mark pro surely owes a ton of sales to a similar post, do you get nothing from this “marketing”?

  3. Dan MacDougald says:

    What would you recommend for half time of a rugby match, aside from the traditional half time orange slice?

  4. Champions Club says:

    The “unfair” term is exactly what came to mind after my visit to San Francisco CrossFit in February. It’s like every important person in this field is hoarded into the confines of the Golden Gate area. I would highly recommend visiting this gym, regardless of where you live. I’m from Michigan and operate on a very low budget and I still made it work. If being a great coach matters to you, you’ll figure out a way to head to SFCF.

    Cool video. And very good way to wrap it up at the end. I’ll have to watch it again to try to soak up everything, but the last line made a lot of sense. So I’m assuming that means Chocolate milk after a workout is not a good thing?

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  6. tim hamilton says:

    It’d be nice to have some clarification on why “drinking liquid calories” is a hydration error. Just prior to making that statement it seemed like she recommended precisely that.

  7. Gordon says:

    Great topical interview, I generally dislike lectures so I found the background noise made me pay closer attention to the topic.

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  9. Brad Haines says:

    I could barely hear. Especially when the jet engine kicked on in the background. Can we get a do over. Very interested in this topic.

  10. frank Quinn says:

    folks this is huge!! take the time to listen and do the work!! i have seen the faliures and am blessed to be around some amazing long distance men and women’s and many ultra runners, ironman, and long distance swimmers, paddlers,,,,,,, are tunning there hydration in!! what i have seen and learned lines up to what DR. Stacy is saying. Kelly would love a longer and more info. on this subject!! THX eat smart train hard,

    • James Langlois says:

      I did, then I forgot about it when I saw that lady at 14:00 powercleaning (200lb?) for a double!

      • Josh Stafford says:

        She is from the past video about butt winking. She has an approx. 365 max squat…?Awesome!

  11. George Wines says:

    KStar, could you elaborate more on coconut water and why it is bad? It was my impression that it was a good post workout drink to mix into a recovery shake. I loved the post. It forced me to reevaluate things I do daily (hydration) without considering performance impacts.

    Obviously Osmo sounds like the best option for hydration, but what are some other options for people on a strict budget. Almond and rice milk were mentioned. What is a cheaper and hopefully commonly found liquid to hydrate with post-workout? I am looking for an answer other than water since I eat a clean paleo diet and it sounded like that wasnt an optimal choice. Is the answer to eat more salt in your diet and use water for post workout recovery or use some other liquid base in a post workout shake?

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  13. Derek says:

    While I have no doubt that SFCF is a top box, I couldn’t help but notice the woman in black squatting and shoulder pressing in the back. Her form was pretty poor on the squats and really sloppy on the presses. Even while standing and talking to her coach, she was in a really poor position. I was surprised that she was given no coaching about form from the proposed experts. Maybe if she was an “athlete” she would get more attention.

    I do really appreciate the videos and have lots of respect for KStarr and SFCF, it is just something I noticed.

  14. Garrett says:

    I have a question that I was hoping to clarify.

    I currently operate under the following assumption: it is beneficial to reduce one’s sodium intake because our blood tends towards a certain state of ‘saltiness’, and with an increase in our sodium intake, the amount of salt in the blood increases. In order to maintain homeostasis, the body retains more water. In doing so, the volume of blood rises. This increases the blood pressure within our arteries and veins. It is partially this increase in blood pressure that leads to more consequential long term health problems.

    First, is this understanding incorrect? Second (and contingent on the answer to the first) does a product such as Osmo’s PreLoad Hydration, which is recommended to be consumed both the night before and the morning of an intense workout, and which contains 1620mg of Sodium in one serving, pose a potential issue in raising one’s blood pressure?

    Thanks for your input!

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  16. Mark Summerlin says:

    Would Dairy/Milk count as liquid calories? .. or is the Dr. considering popular sports drinks/ Weight gainer supplements as liquid calories?

  17. Krystal Rineck says:

    I wonder why fructose is bad. Isn’t that the main type of sugar in fruit? It’s used up fairly quickly by the liver and stored there if not used, I think anyway. Maybe it’s not great once extracted… or maybe fruit isn’t as healthy I think?

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  20. Jason says:

    I was always told (by a dietician/nutritionist) that products containing vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin is cheap and doing a disservice to the customer. So this Osmo Active Hydration product gives me pause.

  21. Jay Rak says:

    Couldn’t agree more, *get a room*! Seriously, love the content and that MWod brings this to us. But gotta get in a room and lose the noise. Its almost unwatchable and as a result, unusable.

    You guys do great great work – just need to polish it up a bit to make it more consumable for the people.

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  25. Achy1 says:

    Once again an episode that completely has me rethinking my routine… very well done!! Dr. Simms brings us right down to the subtle level of Osmosis hydration and how to maximize this process at the same time minimizing the “slosh.” Loved it! Definitely an episode that could be expanded..

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