PPV: The Ankle and Foot; Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Stream On-Demand! Recording of the Live event (48 hours of Access) Seminar Duration: 73 min Seminar Date 05/16/2014 10:30a.m. Pacific Standard Time While the human foot continues to be practically miraculous in it’s structural robustness and functional versatility, it is for all intents and purposes the poster child for the “dys-evolution” of the modern human. […]

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Rebuilding Your Feet With Brian MacKenzie

Hey MWodies, Today’s mission begins a series with Brian MacKenzie of Crossfit Endurance about rebuilding your feet.  We receive many questions about people’s feet ranging from orthotics, to shoes, to bunions, to how to ween off high shoes, to how to stand. In later episodes we will cover mobilization and specific interventions to rebuild your weak feet. […]