Knees Out | Deadlift | Low Back Pain

Creating a Stable Low Back with Better Hip Mechanics | Community Video

Hey MWodies, Today’s mission is a good example of solving a very common low back problem by changing some hip mechanic motor control cues.  Turns out, creating a stable, high torque hip position creates a ton of mechanical stability for the pelvis (and by extension the lumbar spine). Kstar In This Video: Kelly discusses how […]

Open your tight hips

Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx | Mobility Project Episode 363

Hey Supplenesses, Today’s mission is a reminder to keep it simple.  I often see athletes struggling to achieve a good bottom position in the squat.  (This is Mob2 position for you M&M coaches out there.)  During the warm up, even though these athletes are struggling for a solid straight back during peak compression, they actually […]