MobilityWOD is designed to be a one-stop information shop for athletes, coaches, soldiers, physical therapists, physicians, and healthcare providers. We believe that every human being has the right to be able to take a crack at fixing themselves. We post daily and weekly content about preventing injury, resolving pain, fixing common movement problems, and optimizing athletic performance. Our goal is to create a fully searchable and easy to use video library, continue to provide high-quality content for our users, and to offer new tools like daily programming, monthly webinars, and anatomy and movement tutorials.
There are several ways to use


MobilityWOD Episodes are the core of this site, where in-depth videos will continue be posted on a weekly basis. Our video library hosts literally hundreds of episodes that can be easily searched by going directly to the Episodes page or searching by topic in the search field. Once you reach the Episodes page you will see the videos in chronological order. You can either view the current Episode or you can use the easy filters to quickly and easily sort MWod content based on a variety of categories to identify the videos that are most helpful to you.


Our intent with the original Mobility Project was to provide a public reference tool by creating a body of work that could be referenced for free, forever. We also recognize that working coaches, athletes, and health care providers need more advanced and in-depth diagnostic and mobilization tools. With this in mind, we have created the MWOD-Pro version of MobilityWOD. This subscription-based content model allows us to continue to create innovative, sought-after reference tools for coaches, athletes, physicians, physical therapists, and anyone trying to improve movement and remain injury-free.


The Mobility Project, along with the 150+ videos posted since the Project officially ended will continue to be a free resource for all time. We will also continue to post additional free content, but we realized that in order to support a more sophisticated, more organized content hosting platform that would need to move towards having a parallel Mobilitywod universe for the Professional. Meet Mwod-Pro.


MWOD-Pro Content will include:
• Weekly updated Episodes
• Movement tutorials and movement points of performance
• Mobility prescriptions for common musculoskeletal complaints
• Quick reference video library of techniques
• Movement theory
• Exercise prescriptions for training injured athletes
• Training prescriptions and precautions for special populations (i.e. total hip, postpartum)
• Anatomy tutorials
• Daily Rx – daily mobility programming

Daily Rx (Daily Mobility Prescription)

While we recognize that our athletes are clever enough to create daily mobility programming for themselves, we also understand that sometimes it’s just easier to have someone else do the cooking. Every great coach we know learned how to create programming by modeling someone else’s for a while. The Daily Rx is both a road map and a destination.


If you have a technical question about an injury, chances are someone has already solved this problem at some point. We regularly see athletes and coaches become their local community’s embodiment of knowledge about a specific problem simply because they were forced to become in expert in an area while resolving their own dysfunction. The M-Wod community section is a chance to harness the clinical expertise of thousands of brilliant coaches and athletes.


In addition to the MWod-Pro, regular MobilityWOD Episodes, and Daily Rx programming, we will also be hosting periodic webinars on a variety of topics ranging from anatomy and physiology, to bio-mechanics and pathology. These streaming, live broadcast webinars are included as part of your MWod-Pro membership.