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Thanks for your interest in hosting an MWOD Course!  If you are interested in inviting Kelly to speak at an event or conference, please use our speaking engagement form.  If you are interested in hosting a live Movement & Mobility course taught by Kelly or one of our MWOD staff, please read the details below for more information about the booking process and request a seminar at your gym by completing this form.

The Movement & Mobility 102: MWOD Coaches’ Course is a two-day, 16-hour course where participants will build on the techniques and principles presented in our 101 course and/or our prior CrossFit Movement & Mobility Course.  Participants in the 102 course will learn how to assess, screen and identify incomplete benchmark mechanics through our M|WOD movement competency test, perform basic hands-on passive movement assessment to identify and confirm potential tissue restrictions,  program position-transfer exercises, apply critical re-perfusion techniques like facial tooling and blood flow restriction training to clients who present with common gym and training related incidents, and identify when a client needs to see a trained provider. 

  • We can accommodate up to 20 people for one instructor and 32 people for two instructors.
  • Approximately 4000 square feet for 20 person courses and 6000 square feet for 32 person courses to allow for adequate space for demonstrations.
  • 1 barbell and PVC pipe for every two participants (so 20 person course – 10 barbells/10 PVC pipes)
  • No classes can occur during the seminar hours 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. both days.
  • The Movement & Mobility 102: MWOD Coaches’ Course seminar is $1099/person.
  • There are no out-of-pocket costs for hosting facilities.  We pay for all of our coaching staff's travel and accommodation.
  • The host facility has two options for payment:
    • Comp Slots - host facility receives 1 scholarship slot for 1-10 attendees, and 2 comp slots for 11 and above attendees OR
    • $1000 to cover expenses, etc. and no scholarship slots
  • Course minimum attendance is 10 people, 2 weeks prior to the course date.  MobilityWOD reserves the right to cancel a course with poor registration 2 weeks prior to the course date
  • Cancellation by the host is not an option unless the circumstance is extremely dire as many of the attendees will have booked travel and accommodation well in advance.
  • Clean Up: Your facility needs to be completely cleaned and ready for our staff by 8 a.m. each day of the course. Throughout the weekend, it is the host’s responsibility to make sure the facility is clean, bathrooms have toilet paper, etc. Please remove all of your personal gear from the gym.
  • Social Event: We ask that the host facility supply beer for a short post-seminar social on Saturday night. One beer per attendee is perfectly fine.
  • We have adopted a regional approach to scheduling courses so that interested attendees can minimize their travel distances in order to attend.
  • We host our seminars on weekends, however, will do mid-week seminars by special requests.
  • If you are interested in hosting, please complete the form below.

There are a variety of factors that go into the selection process for hosting. The space requirement is mandatory and other factors such as distance from a major airport, prior hosting experience, incorporation of Kelly’s Movement & Mobility method into your regular programming, are also taken into consideration by our team.

We will notify you as soon as possible if your gym is selected to host the seminar.


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