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A Path to a 10 minute squat

edited January 2015 in General
Can anyone help me develop a training program to get to maintaining a 10 minute squat? Or point me to somewhere on this site that has shown the steps to take.

I'm in good shape, but have never been a very strong squatter. I used to place my weight on my toes, and often not even lower to parallel. When I try the 10 minute squat, I have to hold on to something when I put my weight on my heels in the squatting position. In addition, my hips are so tight that I can only stay low, holding on to a bar or post, for about a minute before the pain around my hips become too great.

Any advice or tips?


  • Sure email me
    As you are working with your mobility things will improve.
    You can use something to assist you as you start.
    One example Carl is using

    Episode 320: Epic Pistol 10 Min Squat Test

    Episode 320: Epic Pistol 10 Min Squat Test

    One Jstar uses here

    Episode 120: Ten Minute Squat Test #4

    Episode 120: Ten Minute Squat Test #4

  • I'd point you towards the second option with the band. I think it gives you more room to freestyle around. Either in the armpits like the photo or you can put it around your butt as well.
  • Thanks for the tips. I'm seeing some improvement already, but it seems like 10 minute straight squat is a long way away.

    Right now, I'm squatting for a about 60 seconds at a time while holding on to something before the tightness in my hip gets to be too much. Try to do as many sets as I have time for until the tightness overwhelms me.

    For mobility, couch stretch and rumble roller.

    Any other thoughts or tips?
  • Figure out where that tightness really is and either use a band and or smash technique to resolve it.

    Retest using the 10 minute squat
  • Breaking up the 10 minutes is ok.
    You want to keep proper positioning as you are increasing the time periods.
    How is the tissue on the side of your hip?
    Front of the hip?
    Have you looked up/down stream for additional areas that need attention?

  • The tightness is definitely focused in the front of the hip. Still seeing slow improvement though. Will continue to work on Mobility in all of my hotspots, shoulders, hips, hamstrings and lower back.
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