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Circus Acrobat needs help

edited July 2013 in General
Hey all,

Wonder if you can help me, i'm having some lower back pain when squatting. I wanted to get a form check to make sure I wasn't doing anything obviously wrong. I know I'm lacking mobility in my ankles, not terribly but it's something I'm working on. I've improved anterior hip stiffness a lot over the last year or so.

I've included two videos, one video of my front squat and other of us training. I get no pain anymore during our circus skills training, through a combination of gaining mobility and mainly in correcting motor control/patterning faults. Any type of weightlifting squat annoys my lower back though, the spinal erectors either side of my lumbar spine are the first things to get tired and get tight while I'm working. Then I get a dull ache in my spine a couple hours after, which is normally resolved with lying down or getting it to 'pop'.

It's really annoying me as I wanna squat!

Front Squat:

Circus Technique:

Any help or advice about form or technique would be super appreciated!

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