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Talus Avulsion Fracture

Hi Guys,

So I’m a division 1 collegiate sprinter who has suffered an avulsion fracture of my talus and will be out for the next five weeks and will be in a boot for the next week and a half. I realize now is a great chance to get ahead and really focus on my mobility and was wondering if someone could help me out with this to a) do it in the safest way possible and b) to help make sure this injury doesn’t cause future issues down the road. Thanks!


  • You have to follow the recommendations of your ortho doc and PT. You aren't going to be able to put pressure through that talus until they say it is ok. After that, you need to work on ankle mobility drills and foot drills to tolerance to start working back into regaining dorsiflexion. While it is in the boot, you will likely be able to work on the soft tissues of the calf and do some smashing with a roller or ball to keep the muscles and soft tissues supple as the avulsion heals.

    MWOD Staff
  • Travis,'

    Any recommendations for supplements during the healing process? This is my second avulsion fracture of the talus in the past five years and not trying to have a third occur?

  • I'm not a nutrition expert, but you may want to get you vitamin D levels checked and adding in some collagen proteins may be helpful. If your vitamin D is off, your body may not be absorbing calcium properly and it can affect your bone density.

    MWOD Staff
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