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Neck - Reverse Curve

Struggling with forward head  and 

Had an x-ray with motion and my c1-c2 and c-4,5 are not firing  but c3 moves like a healthy spine. I'm also @ 60lbs on the forward scale. So lost what to do . Chin tucks?   
 The mwods with the first two vertebra of rib-cage helped  and moving the chin around with shoulder behind with the band reinforcing the internal rotation while tacking under the clavicle. I have all level 1,2 and 3 mobility tools and theracane

  Been looking at book doing the ball behind the head to ear.  I feel like I can't fire up the front of my neck. I don't know how to hold my head. I know it's center of gravity and my eyes control the spine positions. the neck you have to stretch , strengthen and condition. But the reversed curve in head and those vertebrae not  firing , means the only work outs I should be doing is things to fix that? I played video games when I was growing boy 8-13years (bad choice) looking at computer screen all day.. I have a cervical correction foam block but im not sure how to get use of it. The video for the block said put it under where your shoulders meet and let your head look up . I seem to be unable to get in a lot of these positions like I can't do chin tucks that well. Interested on any suggestions for the reverse curve part.. . 

Ps ..Can't get right muscles to fire  .  It's very hard to relax on the foam rollers and foam block .\
Where can I get information on the reversed curve part..
I know I need to work upstream and downstream, however I feel I can not do ANY exercise correct because my shoulders always feel not relaxed and my neck ALWAYS hurts. I went to a chiro specializing in neck, however I know I have to do home maintenance and other things.

I DO NOT WORK OUT anymore because I have a reversed curve neck. Zero workouts besides neck things that I'm trying.\

 I feel lethargic a lot, I do not feel strong at all, and I feel the brain stem is restricted and all other kinds of mess due to this. 
I do not even want a standing desk because I feel I do not even stand right (even in captain stance with butt fired)
Kelly says the neck is stuck in extension and flexion aka Bad combo... Like I said,, I have an idea what to do but the pain comes back because I do have bad posture because I DO NOT know how what to be firing with my neck and I'm pretty sure its not firing  C1,C2. C4.C5

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