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Supination of the Foot

I've got a double whammy going on with my right
foot supinating and turning outwards. I've tried just about
everything in the Supple Leopard book and don't seem to be getting anywhere
with either issue. I've noticed the foot supination for a while, have tried PT
several times with no results. I just started noticing that my foot is turned
out when I walk, or when I'm coming down after doing a step-up. It will slowly
turn out and roll when I squat. If I square up my foot when squatting, it puts what
feels like a twisting force on my knee. I've been going hard after hip
extension and external and internal rotation to try and get the foot to stop
turning out. I'm not sure what causes the foot to supinate, so I'm not sure
where to even start there. Could tight Adductors and Hamstrings cause the foot to pull up, because these are always tight on me. Looking for any sort of help here.



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