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Sharp Knee Pain

I have been having an acute knee pain. Usually flares up on stairs. Right is worse than left, but it's been both. I've been able to work out with it and not have pain. Today was light run warmup (fine), Then Ghost (rowing, burpee, double under) which all felt fine. It's in the front right under the patella. It is new within the last week. Not really sure what is going on. I've started cycling more. I was at 30 miles per week. I jumped up to 60. I also started using assault bike, which doesn't adjust well to my height. I've cut back on both in the meantime.

I have a feeling it may be related to ankle mobility as well. My right ankle mobiltiy is pretty poor. I can't flex ankly up very far. and if I try to increase range of motion I can easily hurt the ankle.


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