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Knee to Chest

edited August 2013 in Back
Hey guys I have had the problem of not being to get into a squat position due to many years of sitting (lack of flexibility). I have been very rigorous on my stretches doing just about every type of mobility from QL/t-spine/full leg smashes to stretching for at least an hour a day. I have seen great progression but still cant seem to get into a squat position or bring my knees to my chest. For example, if I put my knees together, and then try to hug them, my back immediately folds and I am unable to get into that position. I also cannot perform a leg press as my knees go outward as they approach my chest. Also, my hips feel like a rubbing sensation when trying to get into this position, and always feel misaligned (Have tried all the hip capsule mobilization techniques and they help only slightly). Any suggestions as to what might be the root cause of this problem?


  • What about middle splits? Hamstring stiffness banded distractions?
  • Ive been working on the splits as part of my stretching, forward split is much worse than middle splits, will try hamstring banded distractions
  • Have you looked into your hip mobility?
    Have you looked upstream and downstream of the hip?
  • I had been doing a ton of hip mobilization with no luck, so I started mobilizing everything above the hip starting at the QL and working my way up to the T-spine (neglecting the hamstrings). I recently started putting my hamstring stretches as my main focus point and I feel like it is finally helping the problem; hopefully I will continue to improve.
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