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Lower Back 'pop' during Deadlift

edited February 2014 in Back
Hi guys,
I am after advice for an injury I sustained whilst completing some high rep deadlifts during a workout. I was very conscious of my positioning throughout which I know I kept good but still felt a 'pop' and immediate sharp pain in my lumber region, right side.
I dropped the weight and ceased movement straight away. The pain would come when closing my hip angle,particularly on the right side. The cobra pose does not cause any pain or alleviate pain.
The pain appears now, and is severe when lifting my right knee, putting pressure on my right leg when walking, opening my hip when going from the floor to standing, sitting down, and lifting a straight right leg off the floor when laying flat.
So far I haven't iced or taken any painkiller or anti-inflammatory. This happened 8 hours ago. I am sceptical about seeing a chiropractor as they have cost me a lot of money for little reward in the past on unrelated issues.
Any advice on mobilisations or diagnosis techniques would be much appreciated.
Thank You.


  • It sounds like a situation to see a doctor.
    Identify someone other than the chiro to find out what exactly is going on .
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