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Pain/tightness at back of pelvis after Olympic lifting

edited February 2014 in Back
Hello all. I've been hammering the Olympic lifts lately and front squatting more regularly lately. All is well except for tightness and on/off pain at the back of the pelvis. Hard to describe where, but it's further over toward the hips (on both sides) than the QL, but yet not right on the hip capsule. And it's above the glutes. Yeah, I know this description isn't precise! 

I'm guessing some kind of lunge-based banded distraction will do the trick, but which of K-Star's variations would hit that area? And will my green band (Rogue) provide enough resistance, or do I need to invest in the black band like Roop and K-Star sometimes use? 

Thanks in advance for the wisdom.



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