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Lower back stiffnes

edited March 2014 in General
Hi everyone so about 6 months ago I tweaked my lower back after finishing my deadlifts, I was picking the bar up off the floor after racking the weights.  I stayed off any exercise for about 5 week letting things heal back up.  At the worst part of the back tweak the right side of my pelvis was tilted up it would slowly go away and loosen up each day. 

Fast forward to today I have been back in the gym working on my mobility my hips are horribly tight and so were my hams and quads from squatting and deadlifting for so long with out doing any sort of stretching.  About 2 weeks ago I upped the reps I was doing from 3 sets of 5 to 3 sets of 10 and I noticed that I have bad butt winking happening in my squats.  The problem I am having now is that I feel like my lower back closer to the pelvis feels like is it stiff all the time except for when I lie down.  Its not really painful but an uncomfortable feeling.  Also some times I have noticed that I feel my sciatic nerve will start to tingle or have the burning sensation on my left glute.  I have not gotten the sensation my feet or lower leg at all. I have stopped squatting so I don't worsen things.  I have been doing gut smashing do help with what I felt I had a pelvic tilt from sitting so much.  I try and stand as much as I can at work but the stiffness in the lower back forces me to sit down through out the day for a little while.  Just wanted to see what advice any one had on thoughts of how to move forward to help heal this.


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