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sharp lower back pain and then a light dull pain in lower back, hip, groin and down the hamstring

edited May 2014 in General
A few days after 14.3, while being at home and doing not very much, I got a sharp pain in my lower back (left side), like somebody was stabbing me with a knife. After that I could not move for a few seconds, but then it was getting better and better. After a week or so it was only a light dull pain in the lower back and because it was getting better so fast I didn't go to the doctor. But one or to weeks later this dull pain was spreading downstream to the groin, the hip and down the hamstring. It was not getting more painful, but just spreading a bit. And also this pain was getting less each day.
This whole time I did nothing but some light mobility work. Last week the pain was not gone completely, but just there in a subtle way.
So this monday I decided to do a little strength workout with some squats. In the workout I didn't feel any pain, but directly after it began. Not so much at the lower back, more in the region of the hip and the groin. And although the muscles there are really really tight and stiff I don't think they are causing the problem. It feels like the pain comes from deeper like from the bone or the nerve directly and sometimes it feels a bit hot, like there is some kind of inflammation (I think heat makes it worse, too).
Has anybody here experienced similar pain and/or could help me otherwise?


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