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Video of Strained Multifidus and Spinal Erectors during a 315lbs squat

edited May 2014 in General

maybe you'll see something I don't

I have no idea what happened, I just know I'm pretty jacked up right now.  I interested to know if anyone can solve the puzzle of what happened. I have an idea of what to do to fix the problem, I'm just wondering if anyone can catch or see the movement fault.  Or better yet just hypothesize.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1.) not warmed up enough
2.) the final hair the broke the camel's back
3.) squatted too fast for my control.

Think of this as a puzzle.


  • For what looks like a low bar squat, you seem to be prioritizing "chest up" over hip drive out of the bottom. Seems to be working for you, but just a thought. Kelly would say to straighten your feet more, screw them into the ground hard at the top while squeezing your butt, and drive into that tension the whole way through. This is the reason he drills this "hip torque" concept; a staple hip means a stable low back, which means a stable spine.

    Those are thoughts though, no solutions. Squats looked pretty solid to me!
  • Hey thanks for your comment. I can see how chest up being prioritized may have caused me to hyperextend out of the bottom. Kinda what I was looking for, another view.

    No matter how many times I hear it/ read it.. Screw your feet into the ground .. Feet straight! It always helps thanks!
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