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High hamstring stabbing pain during deadlift. Weak left leg.

edited June 2014 in General
I have had an issue with my high hamstring for over a year on and off. I feel it mainly when I do heavy dead lifts anything over 100kg I will feel a stabbing pain on my sit bone. I do also feel it during squats and other motion at different times. generally there is no pain or very little pain in my sitbone or hamstring during the day. Lately I am getting constant tightness through my left lower back and erectors and I often feel a little tweak in my left lower back during extension.

I seem to have over really over developed left erectors and left quadricep in comparison to my right and my left lat always feels tight which restrict my left shoulder in flexion. My left leg is noticeably weak in comparison to my right during lunges pistols and single legged dead-lifts, even single legged hip thrust are difficult on the left. I have recently had a MRI of my left high hamstring which has come back clear. 

Can someone please help me with some suggestions of what might be wrong and any rehab or mobility.

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